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As a trusted supplier of abrasive products and finishing tools for over three decades our customized approach delivers cost-effective value to your business.

Massasoit Is New England's Leading Source For Abrasive Systems & Finishing Expertise 

45 John Williams Street

Attleboro, MA 02703


Tel. 800-648-6050

Fax. 800-274-8424


Selecting the right product is only the beginning. How you apply it determines outcomes like profitability, safety, efficiency, consistency and on-time delivery. Our extensive product lines and experience ensure your successful finish.


From belts to discs and specialty items we offer the highest quality abrasives in the industry. Cubitron II, Trizact, Ilumeron, Light Grinding and Blending, Scotch Brite, Microfinishing. Massasoit can help you decide when to use ceramic, zirconia, aluminum oxide or silicon carbide. Put our expertise to work for you to eliminate steps and increase productivity.  

Scotch Brite

Stock removal, weld clean-up, graining, deburring, surface conditioning and preparation, radiusing, polishing, blending and pre-plating. Just some of the jobs Scotch-Brite products perform. Massasoit can help you choose the best option for your application and show you new products that will impact your bottom line. 


Massasoit offers vitrified, resin and rubber bonded products for many applications across multiple industries. We'll help you choose the mineral, bond, friability, hardness and structure so you can be sure of the outcome, Massasoit delivers mounted points, segments, specialty & toolroom wheels, and dressing stones to solve any grinding problem

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Massasoit's  dedicated design and manufacturing facility builds customized rollers, shafts, journals and components for the metal coil and rolling mill industry. Our rolls provide consistent results in the most demanding applications where longevity, chemical, acid and heat resistance, high tension and dependability are critical.

Rubber & Urethane

Massasoit supplies rubber, urethane and silicon rolls for many applications including: rolling mills, coil processing, light and ultra-light gauge metals, abrasive belt sanding, food processing, conveyance and drive applications. For your toughest jobs, we solve problems caused by glazing, cutting, slippage marking, acid corrosion and solution carry through. Let us custom design a solution for your rolls. 


Massasoit offers non-woven rolls that deliver savings and performance advantages over conventional rolls. They are compressible, cut-resistant and porous for consistent strip contact. They provide 40% higher co-efficient of friction than rubber or urethane on dry or oily surfaces. Tension can be up to 45 times greater, compared to rubber. Advantages include faster line speeds, fewer defects, reduced solution "carry-through," better line control, minimized sag and straighter edge registry.   

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Tools & Machinery

Massasoit's line of tooling and machinery includes pneumatic hand tools and customized and stock machinery for almost any grinding or polishing application. We feature 3M and Dynabrade air tools, Unitec and Walter Electric tools, Baldor buffing motors and more! Our equipment is used by the top polishing companies in the northeast.

Air Tools

From heavy stock removal to high-lustre finishes, Massasoit has the right tools for the job. 3M and Dynabrade offer the highest quality air tools in the industrial market including belt and disc sanders, air file sanders, orbital sanders, buffers, versatility grinders and more. (Dynafile, Dynastraight, Dynisher, Line-Mate, PTX Eco-Smart.) Massasoit can match these tools with the right abrasives to provide optimum performance and efficiency. 

Belt Grinders & Sanders

Tough jobs are no match for our line of grinders and sanders. From weld leveling to #8 mirror polish, Massasoit offers tools from Baldor, Stephen Bader, G&P Machinery, Doucet/Progress and GEM Superfinishers to assist from rough rough grind to finish. 

Polishing Equipment

Massasoit sanders polish more than half the stainless plate finished in New England. These custom built machines are designed to fit specific applications, using the latest ceramic technologies to descale stainless plates in the shortest time possible. Let us design a customized approach for your needs!

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